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Wines all around the world from family own businesses, single vineyards, vineyards that are respecting our planet and the natural procedures.

Our CEO Solé Lynds is incharged directly of this division, based she has been in the wine industry for almost 20 years. She hold WSET Level 3 certification. She has worked and developed markets as England, United States, China, Hong Kong and Australia. 

She is very passionated about wines and all the industry with intensive knowledge and experiences of opening operations in different countries. She is the best contact to place or sourcing your wines' requirements around the world. At the moment our company is focused to develop the market in America (Norht America - South America); Asia (India) specific for European wines. 

With her background and our collegues, FOY GLOBAL GROUP has amazing connections to always find, place and negotiate the best options for the parties.

Wines & Spirits

Wines & Spirits from:

Developing markets:

*United States
*South America
*Hong Kong

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